AFFF Highlight - The Unknown Girl 113 mins

2178 AFFF Highlight - The Unknown Girl

A shining example of their signature social realism, celebrated art house auteurs the Dardenne brothers (Two Days, One Night, 2014) return with this compelling Palme d’Or nominated murder mystery.

When the doorbell of her practice rings after hours, driven young physician Jenny (César award-winning actress Adèle Haenel) instructs her intern to ignore it. The following day, police approach her about an unidentified African woman whose dead body was found nearby. Horror sets in as she realises it is the same person from the previous night. Racked with guilt at the thought that she may have prevented the tragedy, Jenny embarks on an all-consuming mission to solve the mystery behind the woman’s death, and indeed her life, so that she will not be buried anonymously.

Tranquil and tough, leading lady Haenel’s performance is consummately mesmerising as the compelling evolution of Jenny’s urgent quest takes her from the doorsteps of modest local residents to those of Liège’s underworld. All the while, the audience inches closer to the riveting and moving finale of this absorbing and morally complex character study.

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